Empower your Inside

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a post that I’m sure you’ll like. My adventure in Australia is getting better, taking shape and willing to live new challenges and experiences hand in hand with a welcoming culture and an exquisite climate.

When we talk about fashion or clothes we always talk about street style or red carpet about how to wear an outfit, ideas for each season, how to make the most of certain bodies or personalities. But many times, we forget that the interior is as important as the exterior, leaving aside stereotypes and clichés that can make us see it as something taboo.

In my opinion, these ideals move towards a freer state and with which we all are feeling more and more comfortable. So, this post is to help you reach that moment of freedom with yourselves and feel the best version of you in your own skin.

If one day you do not feel 100%, try to do something go buy yourself some undies that makes you feel strong about yourselves in an instant. I assure you that it can change the mood from one moment to another, the same that happens with outer clothing occurs with lingerie. It depends on the moment and the situation but it can get to change the perception you have of you. And not only to make you feel safe of yourselves but also sexy when you wear something that you feel proud of.

As I said the lingerie is usually the forgotten at the time of purchase but often it is not wrong to give us some whim or pleasure and more now that Christmas is approaching and what better to take this moment to invest in your inner self.

The same goes for bathing clothes. When the good weather arrives we, all want to be perfect to show off our best version on the beach and enjoy the sun. It all depends on choosing the right swimsuit for your body type without getting carried away by trends and finding the balancebetween what suits you and what you like or is trendy. Because I will tell you something and you should pay attention to me, we have to be realistic and many times what looks better on you is not what we like the most but with a little imagination we can get amazing results.

And you will think why she is telling us all of this now when winter comes but I tell you everything has an explanation, in Australia the summer is coming and with it the launching of many brands that want to make us feel 100% comfortable in our own skin, as is the case ofPrudish, an Australian brand who offers lingerie and swimwear that will soon be released with novelties that you cannot miss. If you follow them on instagram you will see some lovely examples of what their collection will be and I promise you that it will not leave you indifferent. @Prudish

Marlies Dekker

 Dalia Lingerie 

Marlies Dekkers

28th Nov 2017